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      Read what customers are saying about wmsVision...

          (Please note that wmsVision, inc. was formerly known as ISSI. WHMS is now branded wmsView.)

“Implementing the ISSI Warehouse Management System was one of the best investments we have made. The system and processes have driven improvements which are key to our leadership in distribution. We implemented the real time Cycle Count features which maintain our excellent inventory accuracy while maintaining an Inventory exemption status. Our Service levels are 95% at the Order level and 99% at the line item level. We have not missed service due to inaccurate inventory in the year 2001. Our Warehouse Management System coupled with the i2 APS system have enabled a $220M (60%) inventory reduction in the past 6 months. The Demand Pull process managed through the Warehouse Management System interfaces with our key suppliers. This process drives supply into our manufacturing process when and where we need it. At the same time the unique information we require such as individual product serialization is exchanged electronically therefore we are more efficient in our Operations. Business solutions are critical; the ISSI Warehouse Management System and Support Team have provided excellent tools and support to meet and exceed Business needs.”


Tom Weeks
Director Materials Management
Nortel Networks

“I have been dealing with Johnny Yuen and his support staff during and since the implementation of WHMS (July, 1995). I have not had a better support team to work with during my 22 years with Nortel. Johnny has always had the best interest of the Customer at heart, implementing a lot of needed tools to support Customer satisfaction, by incorporating the features into the core software in a timely manner. Johnny's team has always been instrumental in implementing support tools that helped my team and me to do a more efficient job for our Customers. This type of support has had a big impact on the success of Nortel with their Customer SAT. I cannot put into words my true feelings!!!”


Team Leader
Switching/Wireless/Business Center
Nortel Networks

"I have worked with ISSI for several years. They are
very knowledgeable and extremely customer focused.
They have always put in the time necessary to get the
job done.

I recommend that you give ISSI serious consideration
when they have an application that you might be
interested in implementing.

Gary Bauer
Implementation Project Manager
Solectron Corp.