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ChainView software

This supply chain suite is our flagship. At its center is wmsView, a powerful and customizable warehouse management system application to streamline work flow and allocate resources in your warehouse. Integrated with omsView and tmsView for order and transportation management, it's a formidable competitor in the Supply Chain Execution (SCE) arena. If your challenge is in inventory control, lean manufacturing, Kanban systems, or distribution software, investigate our applications and services. From bar code scanning to Transportation Management Systems, our solutions provide streamlined operations and quick ROI.

   EDI       Order entry (Web, XML, EDI, host interface)
   Receiving/ASN receiving       Order maintenance
  Incoming inspection/sampling/quarantine       Hot order
   Put Away/system directed put away       Priority management
   Replenishment       Multi-site sourcing
       Supplier collaboration       Stock allocation
       Internal       Stock replenishment
       Demand based    Automatic order release
       Min, max    Shortage management
   Cycle count       
   Purge management    
   Workload management     
   Wave planning     
   Container planning     
   Picking (multiple options)          
   Pick/pack/ship  Contract management
   Container routing  RFQ/spot market support
   Order consolidation  Mode and carrier selection
   Multilevel packing  Load tendering
   Complete transaction log  Document preparation/generation
   Customized shipping labels  Consolidation/splitting
   Productivity report  Optimal routing
   Shipment manifest  Tracking and real time communications
   Kitting  Proof of delivery
   Customer reserve stock  Reporting and analysis
   Equipment management  Freight rate optimization
      Item master
      Bill of material
      Purchase order
      Incoming inspection
      Customer order
      Balance on hand transaction
      Outbound container packing / unpacking
      Shipment manifest
      Support XML