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A supply chain execution (SCE) system has a dramatic effect on business operations. Lean manufacturing may introduce concepts such as Kanban and greater employee ownership of tasks. The warehouse management system component facilitates order handling and order fulfillment while improving warehouse space utilization. The inventory control program increases inventory accuracy, enabling reduced inventory levels and reductions in operating and labor costs. Distribution software improves tracking and velocity, shortening cycle times and improving on-time deliveries. The transportation component manages carrier selection and contracts, prepares shipping documents, obtains proof of delivery, and enhances customer service and satisfaction.

Effectively harnessing these components and linking them with your host/legacy systems requires careful research, planning, and experienced integration specialists to help with the execution. Vendor/client teamwork, employee "buy-in," training, and a continuing feedback process are important keys to success. These concepts impact corporate culture; there's a lot to plan for. Properly implemented, there's a lot to gain.

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