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Overview: Order Fulfillment – Outbound Operations

Electronic Commerce

Outbound order standard interface

Order Entry

Web Ordering

Bin Ordering

Network orders and stock hunting

Carrier, Route and Stop Assignment

Stock rotation options (FIFO, LIFO, Expiration and Best Fit)

Stock Allocation

Balance on Hand Substitution

Order Release

Order Grouping (Wave)

Order splitting based on Point of Use

Shippable Container Planning

Picking Options

Pick Cart Assignment

Pick Cart Preparation

Ship and Product Label Printing

Picking Execution

Pick Discrepancy

Online Product Labels


Staging Containers for Truck Loading

Packing, Unpacking, and Multi-Level Packing

Interface to Host System (Invoice or Record of Shipment Generation)

Truck Loading Sequence

Shipping Module Integration

Shipping Manifest

Common Courier Shipping Confirmation

Web - Fax - Email-XML Confirmations

Analysis features

Freight Forwarder Management

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