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Systems integration

wmsVision applications can be applied to a single element in the supply chain. For example, wmsView to automate warehouse operations. More typically, wmsVision solutions are integrated with host systems, ERP or MRP systems, and legacy applications which link or operate across your enterprise. We understand the value of information sharing in your business. We adapt applicatons to enable "nowcast" reporting across functions. We connect you with your vendors, shippers, partners, and customers. We enable your operations though the power of accurate real-time information.

Our integration effort is a collaborative undertaking. We meet with your business and technology teams to understand your architecture, processes, and current systems. Then we plan and design the needed integration solutions, and we plan the implementation. A phased approach, for example, may minimize risk and help to control costs. With you, we test and implement, always with a view to providing interoperability unique to your needs. Our objective is to deliver an enterprise-wide solution that is fail-safe, flexible, and affordable. Our experience with XML, with ERP systems such as SAP and Baan, and our partnership with Oracle serves us - and our clients - well. Count on us to integrate our applications seamlessly into your operations.

Want to know how our applications can be integrated into your operations? Please contact us.