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We develop and apply software applications, concentrating on Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Supply Chain Execution (SCE), and Inventory Control Programs. We incorporate Order Management System (OMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) modules in our chainView application suite. Our applications are typically employed in lean manufacturing, kanban, and distribution center environments.

We specify, furnish, and install all hardware necessary to deploy our applications, as customers require. We handle system installation, integration with host and legacy systems, and do inital and bulk data loads. We furnish employee training, help systems, and ongoing system support.

What we do becomes evident to everyone from forklift operators to the chairman of the board. That's because our system organizes the warehouse, streamlines operations, ensures precisely filled orders, and accurately ships to your customer's (or your customer's customer) destination. And the systems provide traceability throughout. Every movement of each item is date and time stamped, and associated with an operator ID.

We answer the phone. We return your calls. We support what we sell.

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servers - printers - storage - RF communication - data base software - system software - supply chain execution assessment - flow-through manufacturing assessment - process documentation and re-engineering - hardware (server, printers, hub, RF), assessment, installation, testing and maintenance - system software assessment, installation, testing and maintenance - software customization - system and application administration - project management - training classes - 24X7 system support