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     The wmsVision difference

Our products are focused on providing effective supply chain execution solutions. They are designed for customers who cannot settle for less than a streamlined flow-through manufacturing environment.

The wmsVision chainView application suite has been vigorously exercised in complex, sophisticated manufacturing environments and in simple assembly operations. In all cases, it has enabled significant savings and unprecedented customer service. All products integrate seamlessly with your existing management information systems (MRP, ERP).

Seasoned manufacturers and distributors will appreciate the value of these system benefits:

Comprehensive, proactive alerts on exceptions to stocking and order fulfillment processes. These prevent service impact problems in manufacturing and distribution environments and operate over multiple warehouses and work centers.
  On-line multi-warehouse stock allocation and replenishment.
   System driven order fulfillment from multiple facilities and warehouses.
Stock item recall and purge capability.
System directed put away to point of use based on demand and priority.
Cradle to grave serial number tracking.
Demand-driven supplier collaborative replenishment: from issuing of demand pull, receiving with advance ship notice through system direct put away to point-of-use. Built-in performance measurement.
Optimized transportation loads.
Our services are focused on customers and processes. We:
  Get to know our customers and learn their processes.
   Refine solutions until target benefits are realized.
Devise timely and economical solutions to meet special needs.
  Coordinate at predetermined check points to insure an ongoing, strong relationship.