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For a multinational telecom equipment manufacturer, we installed, customized, and maintain systems to:
  • Manage, track, and direct the stocking and order fulfillment processes in multiple warehouses and work centers.
  • Incorporate "cradle to grave" serialized circuit pack tracking, from manufacture to customer installation and/or returns disposition.
  • Enable kitting features, including parts explosion, and provide stock allocation for kit building in customer service priority sequence.
  • Establish warranty tracking and product recall capacity by product engineering release.
  • Provide network ordering with stock hunting features in order fulfillment.
  • Support customer reserved stock.
  • Eliminate annual physical inventory through improved cycle count accuracy (very high 90's percentage).
  • Report cycle counts.
  • Manage consignment warehouses.
  • Operate daily delivery, calculating net requirements, directing the EDI suppliers - what to ship to be used that day. (Minimize inventory.)
  • Direct inbound material to point of use. (Minimize cycle time.)
  • Manage, track, and direct the deployment of installation tools and test equipment in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and China.
For a large distributor of prescription and proprietary drugs and sundries, we developed, applied, and supported a state-of-the-art WMS resulting in:
  • Shortened order/delivery cycle - 50% improvement.
  • Inventory reduction - 20% reduction in dollar value.
  • Improved pick rate - 120% more picks/hour.
  • Reduced headcount - 35% staff reduction.
  • This wholesaler maintained 30,000 SKU's in 50,000 locations, handling 30,000 transactions daily.